Group 3 Drinks Milkshakes

Everyone in Group 3 has drank a milkshake, and feels strongly about the milkshakes we have drank.

Laura Rogers

Laura drinks milkshakes because they taste good, remind her of summer, and put a smile on her face. Laura gets her milkshakes from Superdawg.


Superdawg is easy to spot because of their mascots, Maurie and Flaurie.

You can get directions to Superdawg here!

An Important Moment in Milkshake History

One time Daniel Day-Lewis asserted his complete superiority to Paul Dano by saying he would drink his milkshake.  It was a metaphor.

Jeremy Gouldey

Jeremy used to get milkshakes at Red Knapp’s Dairy Bar when he was growing up, mainly because they would serve it in the metal cup they mixed it in. He thinks they always made the burgers you also got taste that much better somehow.

It's a little further away, but we hear it's worth it.

It’s a little further away, but we hear it’s worth it.

You can get directions to Red Knapp’s here!

Milkshakes:  Opportunities for Health

Did you know that if you performed various physical acts associated with milkshakes, but did not actually drink a milkshake at the end, it could count as exercise? Consider the following:

Adam Hankins

Adam drinks milkshakes due to human frailty.  Adam’s favorite milkshake is made by Lickety Split.  They will drop an entire cupcake into the blender alongside the custard.

We can’t find any non-copyrighted pictures of Lickety Split, but you probably expected Kelis to show up at some point:


There you go.

You can get directions to Lickety Split here!